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Slotomania Casino Review

OK, we’re used to calling them pokies in Australia, but that doesn’t mean Slotomania Casino has missed its target audience beforehand. Who cares about the name, when you have a great opportunity to place some bets, and have a great time with gambling fans just like you? Social casinos have become the missing link between standard mobile games and real money slots, so there is no any kind of risk — just comfortable and exciting gameplay.

What You Need to Know About Slotomania Casino

Before we start, let’s clarify an important point right away. Slotomania is a social casino, which distinguishes it from other Australian gambling sites. The purpose of social casinos is not to try to win real money for the participants, but purely for the entertainment function. Customers — gamers rather than gamblers — play in order to have fun in a relaxing atmosphere, without the fear of losing anything. This possibility is guaranteed by the dominant social games business model of free-to-play, allowing the player to start the game for free and then make money only for the purchase of additional coins, virtual goods, more quests, tournaments, and other in-game features.

The service, developed and launched in 2010 by Playtika, was the first project in this category — and today it still remains one of the best options available. If you like pokies but don’t want to risk your own money while playing — Slotomania Casino will be a great choice. Just open the official website, or launch the mobile app, and take some free time for your favorite entertainment — positive impressions are guaranteed!

Software and range of games

What’s really interesting is the library of 70 pokies, where you’ll find only unique games. They are not available on other sites, so Slotomania Casino guarantees exclusive gameplay for its players. Of course, the concept remains similar to traditional slots — here you also have to choose your bet size and spin the reels, waiting for a winning combination, but overall it’s an unusual and interesting experience for every gambler.

However, unlike other casinos, Slotomania does not open access to all the titles collected in the portfolio immediately after registration. At the start only one pokie is available — Vegas Cash — which will help you quickly form a bankroll of virtual credits. The accumulated coins can be spent to open new games, so it’s a kind of motivation for gamblers. But if you do not have enough patience, there is a donation option available, allowing you to immediately get the desired result.

Developers from Playtika try to maintain the interest of their clients, regularly adding new games to the library. Thus, even if you manage to unlock all the slot machines that Slotomania casino has to offer, just wait a little bit — and you’ll be able to find another way to use the saved bankroll.

Mobile Casino

The Slotomania social gaming app is available on various platforms and devices, including PC, Mac or mobile devices — that’s why everyone can play there! The Facebook social networking site is a particularly popular choice among players, because the built-in chat allows you to communicate with other gambling fans from all over the world. No matter what device you’re using, the functionality and performance remain at a consistently high level, ensuring a comfortable gaming experience.

Owners of smartphones and tablets have long been accustomed to playing on the go — this also applies to gambling, both in traditional and in social format. Slotomania casino is not among the projects where bets are made for real money, so you can easily download the official application in one of the digital stores from Apple, Google or Microsoft.

The guys from Playtika really tried their best to make you enjoy the gaming process in Slotomania. Bright graphics, pleasant soundtrack, wide choice of titles (even if not from the beginning), and fast response time. The only problem you may encounter is the storage space available on your smartphone or tablet. However, for those who want to skip the download, there is an option of access through Facebook.


As you already know, Slotomania social casino saves your budget by limiting real money bets. However, when registering, players still have to share their own personal data by filling out an account profile — but even in this case, you can be sure that this information will not be shared or stolen by fraudsters. The service offers an automatic system of informing about promotions and updates, which allows players to quickly increase their status, but this option can always be disabled in the settings. And if you play through Facebook or Twitter, you are unlikely to have reason to doubt the reliability of security.

As for the purchases in the digital application, SSL encryption is used for protection just like in case of any other mobile games with the possibility of donation. Information about the payment tools used, whether bank cards or e-wallets, is obtained only by the merchant who processes the application, so privacy is guaranteed. In addition, the application settings allow you to completely disable the function of making purchases at Slotomania casino.

Promotions and bonuses

Getting gifts is always nice, even if it’s not free spins or real cash for betting. Slotomania casino’s loyalty program provides a variety of promotional offers that increase the amount of coins available and allow you to discover new games faster. In some thematic promotions you can get bonuses almost every hour, and if you choose special games with increased prize money or jackpot — to collect the right amount to move to the next level will not be difficult.

For those who are accustomed to active use of social networks, additional rewards are also available. Subscribe to the official Slotomania Facebook page, and follow the updates to get nice prizes and gifts from the casino. This is another method that they use to motivate users to interact with this platform, and certainly one of the most lucrative ways to play.

However, if you prefer to receive rewards systematically rather than searching for bonuses and promotions all the time, we recommend checking out Slotomania Casino’s loyalty program. Ladder of statuses — a classic option, which opens new opportunities for players with each passed level. The more actively you play, the more privileges and benefits you receive from the service. There are a total of seven levels in Playtika Rewards — from Bronze to Black Diamond — so the trek to the top will be exciting and interesting.

Everyone starts as a Bronze Rewards member — and is guaranteed a free daily gift of 250 coins. To upgrade and advance to the Silver Rewards stage, all you need to do is make a purchase in the in-game store, or actively play the available slots, upgrading your status. As a Silver Rewards member, you receive a larger daily gift, doubled status points for upgrades and purchases, and a 15% increase in your Mega Bonus. To qualify for Gold status, you need at least 4K status points. Benefits of becoming a Gold Rewards member also include a daily reward of 100,000 coins, and more than double status points for level upgrades and purchases.

To earn Platinum Rewards, you need 30K status points. Diamond status requires 250K, Royal takes 2,000,000 points, and Black Diamond needs 8,000,000 points (it’s really not that easy). Daily bonuses and all other perks increase as status is upgraded. Curiously, Slotomania Casino does not disclose the privileges available to top players with Black Diamond level, so if you want to find out what surprises Playtika has in store, you will have to try a little harder.

Customer Service

In case of any problems arising, Slotomania has a very useful FAQ section. With the help of this well-organized and informative section of the website, any common issues that may occur can be easily solved.

However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for — there is a possibility to contact Slotomania’s customer support team via social media. You just send them a message, and they will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, as a rule. Sadly, there is no phone or chat support on the Slotomania website.


Australian gambling fans who want to play pokies absolutely free should definitely check out Playtika’s offerings. Slotomania Casino is a combination of unique games with great graphics, numerous bonuses and convenient mobile applications, allowing you to enjoy the game without any risk.