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Gambling pros: how to win at online casinos

Gambling is an opportunity to challenge your own fortune and become the owner of a huge cash prize without unnecessary effort. Nowadays, in order to play for real money, enough to have a smartphone or laptop — the best online casinos in Australia offer a wide range of licensed pokies and table games, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of excitement at any time and in any place.

Why gambling is so popular?

Thrill, passion, adrenaline, bright and positive emotions. These are feelings on which the gambling culture is based — every true player is driven by the desire to try his luck and win, getting a well-deserved reward.

Various researches prove that the emotions experienced when playing at online casinos for real money, has a positive impact on the psychological state of the person. Gambling activates two parts of the brain, one of which is responsible for decision-making, and the second — for motivation building. The combination of adrenaline and endorphin leads to a slight euphoria; dopamine provides a sense of satisfaction and restores moral strength, the index of which reaches its maximum value when you get the win.

Advantages of online casinos in Australia

An important thing without which it is impossible to get the full range of positive feelings associated with gambling — a confidence about fair and honest play. Licensed Australian online casinos cooperate with the world’s leading providers of gambling software, ensuring reliability and stability of service. Another mandatory condition — the ability to win significant amounts and quickly withdraw them in a convenient way. And, of course, modern gambling is hard to imagine without a variety of bonuses, the number of which is really impressive.

The main advantage of the leading online casinos in Australia that we talk about in our reviews is reliability. This is where you can really play, win and get your money earned, without worrying about possible sudden restrictions or technical failures, which often happen on some unscrupulous sites. Services that regularly undergo a mandatory audit by independent organizations, constantly offer their customers profitable and attractive solutions, adding and expanding the functionality of the platform.

Another criterion that deserves a mention is the wide range of pokies and other entertainment selections. Variety of games at Australian casinos is able to satisfy the most demanding players. The standard set, regardless of status and reputation, necessarily includes:

  • different pokies — progressive, with 3D graphics and bonus purchase options, etc.;
  • several types of roulette (at least — American and European versions);
  • card games, including poker, blackjack and baccarat;
  • Live Casino option to play against real croupiers.

The last option is deserving of special attention. One of the most popular features for players around the world are the live streaming tables, where you can play roulette or blackjack with a live dealer. The online broadcast allows you to place bets and chat, just as you would if you were in a regular gambling hall in a casino.

With the live streaming, you can watch the cards being dealt or the ball rolling on the roulette wheel, the opening and closing of bets and the results of the next drawing by yourself. Such a possibility removes all questions about the fairness of the game. Use the right tactics and strategy — and the result is guaranteed!

How to win at online casinos? Hints and tips

Every gambler can dream about winning the jackpot, which will solve all financial problems once and for all. But only true players will use all the necessary methods to make it come true! If you are one of them — we hope that our advice will help you to achieve the desired result.

Winning schemes for roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest gambling entertainments, the keys to which many brilliant minds were looking for. The principle of classical roulette is based not only on chance, but also subject to certain mathematical patterns explained by the theory of probability. Among the main factors that allow players to turn fortune in their favor, there is not only luck, but also a competent calculation, which allows them to maintain a positive balance of winnings at a long distance.

Modern virtual tables, represented in the best online casinos in Australia, exactly repeat the mechanics of the classical roulette. The choice of players offered different versions, including with non-standard rules, but we dwell on the two traditional types — so it’s easier to understand the principles of the game.

Okay, the task of the gambler in roulette is to predict the sector where the ball will stop after rotation of the wheel. There are 37 sectors overall (36 numbers plus “zero” in the European version), or 38 (in the American version, an additional sector — “double zero”). Beginners are better to start with the first type, and avoid betting on specific numbers — despite the good payout rate, the probability of predicting is very low — only 2.6%.

Winning systems for roulette have been published on the Internet for many years, and the authors of these schemes, pretending other people’s concepts as their own, just boosting their own blog traffic and views. In fact, it’s all quite dubious, because there is no win-win strategy that would allow you to beat the casino at roulette in 100% of cases. But a correctly chosen approach will help you enjoy the game and increase your own bankroll — and it’s true fact.

Among all the existing theories, the most promising looks the game system “six-line”, in which the player must make five equal bets in a single turn, closing the six sectors of the numeric field. The odds offered by the casino allows one to increase the winnings of one of the bets six times, which not only compensates for the four missed bets, but also brings double the profit on the fifth.

This scheme does not exclude a losing combination, but at a long distance you are very likely to stay in the black, and will be able to enjoy not only the gamble, but also a decent win.

Winning schemes for card games

Players and experts have agreed that card games are one of the most competitive types of gambling at casinos. This theory is also supported by the restrictions applied to wagering bonuses — there is usually a reduction factor for table games. In games such as blackjack, poker and baccarat, available on Australian real money gambling sites, the chances of influencing the outcome are much higher, due to the player’s ability to make key decisions during the game — deal or no deal, raise or fold, and so on. The skill of quick deciding, good memory and accurate analysis can greatly increase the chances of winning and bring you a lot of money.

A wide range of tables at Australia’s top casinos allows you to choose any card discipline you like and play it against both a random number generator or a live dealer. Choosing what to stop at, it’s worth considering that in the first case the process is still more like regular pokies, and the influence of the randomness factor remains quite high. But when you play at a live casino, we recommend paying attention to blackjack, as many professional players consider that this game offers the highest winning chances. It’s enough to learn a basic strategy and be aware of the cards during a game to add a few percent to your winning probability.

Blackjack tactics are based on analyzing the remaining cards from the position of their value, which forms the final balance. In a full deck, the total value of all the cards is zero, but as it decreases, the balance changes. If the calculation results in a positive number, it is obvious that there are mostly senior cards in the deck — the more likely the probability of gaining them in the draw, the higher the probability to get enough points to win.

Winning schemes for pokies

Slots in Australian casinos are developed by the world’s leading gambling software manufacturers. They have exactly the same content as the pokies at Monaco, Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The working principle is based on the random number generator which determines the results of each individual spin within the limits of the total established payout ratio. The parameter RTP is official, and can vary between 90-98%, which is 10-15% higher than in similar settings of conventional slot machines.

Taking into account the fact that each successive combination of numbers is generated randomly, we can say that the chances of winning for each individual spin are exactly the same. However, you can increase the probability of success, even if only by a few percent. To do this, you can use the following tips:

  • Study the information about the volatility of the selected pokie. The lower it is, the more often the slot produces winning combinations, but the amounts will be small. If you are ready to wait a little for the sake of a large profit — it is better to choose pokies with high volatility.
  • The most common setting for the classic slots is a configuration in which payouts for the highest combination of lines at the highest rate is calculated with an increased ratio. By analyzing the pay tables, you can increase your odds by a couple of extra percent;
  • If you’re planning on taking part in a special game offered by the slot, be sure that you have plenty of time to wager a bonus. These sessions can take up a lot of time, and the final profit is not always very high. If you have limited time available, it is better to take your current winnings.